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I forgot to include personalization name at checkout. Is it too late to get my book personalized?

It depends. If your book has not shipped yet, I can still personalize your book. Send an email to info@signmybooks.com with your order number and a request for personalization. If the books have already shipped, it’s too late to have them personalized. They will still be autographed.


My books were damaged during shipment or you spelled my name wrong, can I return them or get a refund?

Yes. Contact me via email and I will give you instructions on returns and refunds.


I do not live in the United States? Can I still order books?

Yes. As long as you can use a paypal account. Keep in mind that shipping is expensive to other countries and it often takes several weeks.


Why isn’t such-and-such a book available?

I only stock a certain number of books. Supplies are very limited. Some books will be restocked regularly. Others will not. If you would like a particular book that is not available on the website, send me an email and I will consider stocking it. If the book is out of stock, it will say so on the website.


Will autographed books by other authors be available for purchase?

Maybe in the future, but not at this time.